Private variable vs property

I curious about the usage difference between private variable and property.
At first, I understood the property as constant and the variable as variable.
But it maybe wrong.
Could you explain the usage difference?

Hi Hangil!

Private variables are used to pass information internally in a composite component. They will not be visible to the outside when using the component, and you can access them only in isolation mode (double-clicking the composite component on the view canvas). Properties, on the other hand, are those fields of the composite component that the user can give values to when configuring the component (in the right sidebar) without entering isolation mode.

For example, if I had a composite search component, it could have properties called source and search that the developer could bind to a list of data to search from and a search word. On the inside, there could be a private variable results, which would be defined based on source and search, but does not have to be editable by the developer, so we can set it as private.