Problem filterint list with buttons

Hello everyone,

I would like to filter results from my rest API with 4 buttons.

I added a page variable with the functions to show the results I want.
This function is added in a formula on the repeat with section as seen on this tutorial :

I don’t know if this is the right way to dot it but it (almost) works fine.

My problem is when none of the button is taped at page start.
I would like to use an initial value to show all of my entry, but when I add one the app crashes every time.
What I don’t understand is that I have a button with this formula and it works fine…
I have tried to add the formula in my variable at page mounted in the logic pannel but nothing appears.

I hope my explanations are clear. I can add screenshot of the differents part I needed.
I can use another method to filter I needed too.
Hoping someone can help me.
Thanks, Nico

It is better to add screenshots than to write questions.

This is because there are times when people can’t answer because they don’t understand.

Hello and thank you for you answer.
Sorry if my explanation are not clear.

I would like to filter my list of data from REST API with 4 buttons, the list is on the same page :

I bound my list to an page variable :
Capture d’écran 2023-01-20 à 14.53.26

When I tap one of the buttons, I set this page variable to this formula has seen on the tutorial :

This works fine and when I tap a button my list is filtered.
My problem is to have my entire list at page start.
If I set this page variable at page mounted the same way I set the “all” button, nothing appears.
If I set the default value the same way I set the “all” button, the app crashes.

This is formula that I use on the “all” button and that I would like to use at page start :
Capture d’écran 2023-01-20 à 15.00.22

Thanks again

If there is another way to filter my list with my 4 buttons, I’ll be happy to try.

I’m not sure, but…

The “page var” variable type is text and does not seem to recognize the data type.

Add filters 1,2,3 to the assigned value of the “All” button.