Problem to Get data in Google Maps

Hi. i have de problem.
I want get data for the this URL:,-68.58014969999999&radius=15000&type=Veterinaria&keyword=veterinaria
but return this data:
Error: TypeError: Failed to fetch. Does the server allow CORS?status: undefined

Resource settings for Get collection (GET)

Resource URL:
Relative path:

when I use this URL: key
And work good…
Could you help me? thanks

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Hi @Rodrigo_Margarit ,
Is your problem currently solved? I am also facing the same problem.

Would love to know how to solve it.

No. I can’t. You can?

hi, same problem for me…any suggestion ?

No i can´t solution this problem. You have any suggestion?

not yet … :frowning:
we trying to get a solution in this post: Add a Map and Address Autocomplete - #16 by Fred_Kuzyk