Problem using parameter on collection GET - double url encoding?

Hi! I’m just getting started with appgyver, and trying to build an app that makes some api calls to retrieve data from airtable. I have a list of orders on the homepage, and I want clicking on one to load all the order line items on the next page. This requires a collection get on the order line items table, with a parameter filterbyformula={Order name}=’#1338’ or whatever the order name is.

This works when I test it in the data schema. It does not work when called from my order line item page. Debugging, I see that it is failing with this API call: 257BOrder% 2520name%257D%253D’%25231338’

That call should be: 7BOrder%20name% 7D%3D’%231338’

Had to add spaces to the above text because even this form is url decoding these and displaying incorrectly

The call being made appears to be the url encoding of the already url encoded parameters. This happens even if I just use a static parameter of:

{Order name}=’#1338

Thought this was a bug and emailed the team but they told be to repost here. Any ideas welcome, thank you!

Tried to replicate this, but couldn’t reproduce the bug.

I’ve got my data resource set to accept a filterByFormula query parameter:

When I test it, the URL is correct:

In my app I have a data variable:

Running the app through, the URL encoding looks correct too:

What’s the app ID in question? If double-checking against above doesn’t fix things, we can take a look and see if we can spot the issue.