Problem with AppVar and JSON Base on Android

Hello all!
I have a problem with getting info from my JSON BASE as REST API DATA to App variable on Android device.

Info or take so much time or getting nothing.

But on iOS device I not nave a problem - info take from JSONE BASE getting and flow function set app variable as lightining speed.

Help please resolve this problem!

Снимок экрана 2021-03-29 в 19.27.24


I recommend you check the debugger to check the values of those variables when using Android. I would also set some e.g. alerts to the Get records flow functions in the data variables tab, to see if they succeed or fail.

Thanks for the comment. Of course, I checked everything through the debugger. On Android, it is not pulled up when opening the first page Data from the REST API and is not passed accordingly to the app variable. but why is this happening? and how to solve this problem?

Alright, so the data variables are empty? Hard to say what’s failing without any more info, seems odd that it works on iOS but not on Android. Some things still to check:

Does the debugger console give any errors?
If you set alerts to the failing outputs if the Get records node, do they get triggered? You can set the dialog value to the error output of the node, maybe that would give some detailed info about what is causing the fail.
Although unlikely, but is there by chance any mention about iOS / Android differences in the API documentation?

Alerts is set - but Alerts error is not view as debugging in Android device now.

Log in console debugger attachСнимок экрана 2021-04-01 в 13.14.50

I measured the time after opening the main screen of the application, if about 20 seconds pass all the JSON bases are connected and everything works, what could be the problem?


Sorry for the delay in answering! So you are able to get the data after 20 seconds, and this works consistently? Sounds like the REST API connection is really slow and there’s nothing wrong with your app setup, is the data set how big?

Another option that should have already been fixed on our part, is that there was a bug in Android in case there’s lots of logic after the Page mounted event. If this is the case in your app, try adding a Delay node right after the Page mounted event and see if that helps.

Thank you Cecilia! But add Delay node after Page mounted is not result. And logic on page is not hard, but hard in button click logic and have 4 data base is need to load in starting app, but is not happens. Need more than 20 sec that data base is load, and info is view correct