Problem with build building with 4.6.36 - 404 page not found

I have issue with page refreshing in web app, built with 4.6.36. Web app is published on firestore hosting service
Namely, my web app using parameters in URL and after page is refreshing, I got error “404 - page is not found”. Also, I cannot access directly to the page if I using URL parameters.

I made fast testing with build 4.6.35 and it seams it doesn’t contain that issue.




same issue is present on web app built with build 4.6.35.

I’m using parameters in URL string, and if try to access web page directly with parameters in URL string, I would get error 404. For access to the pages I should start from index.html and go forward.
For example, if I enter I will get index.html page. But if I try enter , I will get 404. But page it exist.

If I put html in URL string after Page# , the page will be displayed.

Workaround: Remove all html file types in file name from the all html files in public folder except from index.html and 404.html.
for example: page.page3.html → page.page3

Then you can upload to firebase hosting service. For me “clearUrls”: true didn’t work