Problem with DATA from JSON database using the API REST tool

Good afternoon!
Tell me if I pulled up the JSON database using the API REST tool.

Here’s the link:

On command GET (ALL), I get normal processing of the entire database and the database schema.

On command GET (ONE) geting an error:

Error: The server responded with an array for a single data record. The response must be an object.status: -1
Resource settings for Get record (GET)-------------------
Resource URL:
Relative path:

At the same time, when using base variables in the application, I can pull up the desired variable from DATA VARIABLES, but when view from APPGYVER APPS on my iPhone reflected in it is not shown.

What is the reason? what am I doing wrong?

Nowhere can I find a coherent explanation or instructions for this seemingly simple task to get the value of a variable from the JSON database

Hi there!

The methods in the data panel refer to possible REST API methods.
The url you have ( is not a REST API but a JSON file.
The file contains a list of objects: [] with objects {} contained with it. The GET RECORD method would expect to get just an object {}.

In the case of a JSON file like this, it makes best sense to use the GET COLLECTION method and the collection type data variable.

For why the variable is not showing up in your app there could be many reasons, could you provide screenshots of the component bindings in the editor?

Sent all screenshots of components in the editor

Akseli! Can you help me with my problems?

Dear Akseli!
I really hope for your help in this matter. If it is unprofitable to provide more information, please specify.