Problem with editing an record

I want to be able to edit an information in my app. With meetings it works great but with the infos it don’t. Although i did exactly the same.
If i change the text of an input field, it’s automatically changed back to the start record. I also tried to delete the info and create a new one. But it’s the same poblem.
You can see at the end of the video.

What sort of bindings, variables (and logic) are you using there?

I’m using a page parameter called “id” as text; Data Variable “Infos” from Single data record and ID set to the page parameter; a formula to get the date data in the right format

The only logic is on save button. (The if condition checks if the input fields are empty with "is_empty formula).

And here’s what i choosed to open the edit page. The repeated data id. Same way as with meetings.

Okay, my best guess is that you keep polling the data variable every five seconds (default behaviour) and every time the response is set to your data variable overwriting the changes the app user has made. Just remove the polling and all should work well.

You can find the data variable logic when selecting that data variable in the variable list.

yes, that was the problem. I forget that.