Problem with "Embedded map view"

If I add JSON base with latitude and longitude coordinates of objects, I have a number format example 50.513888 and “Embedded map view” can view only 50, but all info after “.” is not understand. If i use static number - my number 50.513888 transform to 50,513888 - and I understand that problem with format or maybe this component is not know dynamic info from data base?Снимок экрана 2021-04-25 в 22.46.41 - please help resolved this problem

Once the values in that component are set when it becomes Visible - changing them after that wont affect anything. You literally have to set Visible = false/true to get it to accept new values.


Thank you very much!
Initial map region work! Cool
But don’t view my marker to render!
But latitude and longitude for it is same

What I do is wrong?

  1. I Set App Var with latitude and longitude coordinate from DATA BASE for each object
  2. I open page with mounted “Embedded map view”
    Снимок экрана 2021-04-30 в 08.33.28
  3. And set app var latitude and longitude to setting of “Embedded map view”
  4. Result I view area of my coordinate, but I can’t view My marker of point of my Object

    And in version AG Legend all work is OK, but in last version Appgyver Preview my marker of point is not view.

    Please help resolved this problem.

I noticed this problem in my own too. I dont have a solution for that.

Add to Bug report

Hi, sorry…I’m kind of new with Appgyver and I’m not into programming so I’m learning with tutorials (it’s going well by now).
I have a list of restaurants in the app (is a list that the app gets from an Airtable BD). That works great, but then when I click on one of the items and get to the details page I want to display, besides of text info, a map view with the location. That location should work with Airtable BD latitude and longitude (numeric data). I set the variables but is not displaying the initial location. If I try to use the same latitude and longitude values manually for one restaurant they work, but I want to have this api list. It always shows a point in the middle of New York.
Could anyone help me please?
And if you have the answer for the markers, I think that that is going to be my next challenge because they are not showing on the map. Thanks.

Hi! The issue is probably that your page does not have that information of the latitude and longitude when the mapview appears, so that’s why it’s not displayed correctly. I’d recommend setting the visibility of the mapview to a formula like !IS_EMPTY(dataVars.yourDataVariableNameHere) so it would only become visible after the data is loaded and thus could get the location data correctly.

Thanks. I tried it but didn’t work…still showing the same point in NY. Latitude and longitude are set as numbers y my data sheet, that’s correct, right? And they are both data variable fields in a data variable :S

I think the latitude and longitude need to be number text type basically, so turn them into a text by using e.g. STRING formula. If that doesn’t work, try to tie the mapview visibility to a page variable and set that page variable to true after a 5s delay for example, just to see that it’s not about the page being ready that it’s not working

Thanks. So, the STRING formula kind of works…I have a list of restaurants that are in the same resort hotel, so they all have similar latitudes and longitudes (very similar). Now the map is not showing NY, but only some of them are showing the “right” initial position and some are continents away. The other trouble I’m having is the latitude and longitude delta because the ones that are showing the correct position are only showing the right country/city but are way too far away. I have tried many options but some make the map disappear or just show the same zoom-out position

Are you still struggling with this? The latitude / longitude delta is a little confusing of a concept. I used this stackoverflow thread to try and understand it – hopefully it helps you as well.

Hello Everyone.
I have trouble displaying multiple markers on the Embedded Map Component. I collect GPS Data (latitude, longitude, altitude and time), User ID, and Record ID and store these items in a Firebase Collection. I need to display the latitude and longitude on the map. The map loads on another page but only one marker shows. Please, what do I need to do to have it display all the markers in the collection?
I read from another post where someone talked about looping but I didn’t quite understand the method.
Please help.

For those who have issues with Latitude Delta and Longitude Delta, I treat them as zoom levels. The number is how high into the sky you are viewing the map from. I set my latitudeDelta and longitudeDelta both to 11 so I can see the whole map of Nigeria. With 0.5, I see just a street or two.
Thank you.

the workaround of @apstore works well but it would be nice to have dynamic data that adjusting the map centering on the marker. I hope the developers will be able to release this feature soon :crossed_fingers:

I am much more familiar with maps now, thanks for the resources you have shared. I still have a question: is it possible to assign an empty marker label (so display only the marker icon, without any text)?

If I try to set it as blank, my app crashes. Now it’s set with a “.” to avoid crashing.
Is it a bug? Thanks for every answer