Problem with html tags

Hi everyone, I have a problem with HTML tags. From a database I read records which are formatted with HTML tags (,
). With AppInventor I have the possibility to see the formatted text, here I don’t find the way to do it.
Can anyone tell me how to do it?
The alternative would be to open a web page but having to paginate some images and more text records is not very convenient.
Thank you

Can you show screenshots of the records with html tags?
Formatted text like that <b>bold</b>?

Screenshots of the database or app?

This is the record on Airtable

This is the app screen

This is what I get with AppInventor

Never tried that but there might be a way to fetch the formatting dynamically.

Maybe have a variable isolate the text subject to formatting, and another variable for “bold” would tell this style properties below to turn your text into bold. This needs some testing.

You can remove tags wiyh a regex :


Thanks Bertrand, but I don’t want to remove the tags, I want some words to be in bold.

You 've try to put your text in a Rich text component ?

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Hi Bertrand, I have not tried. For the moment I solved it by inserting texts and images in a Webview component. I don’t really like it but better than nothing…
Anyway I will try your suggestion.
Thank you

I tried but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t recognize Html tags.

No the idea was to write in Markdown in your database using: