Problem with "incompatible" binding


I have a problem with I get “incompatible” node output. The page variables are text and the schema fields are also text. Any ideas? Help is appreciated! Thank, Daniel

Maybe set the Text types to “Any Text”. Im not sure, You can always “force” it by doing this in a formula instead.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried it but I get the same problem.

(sorry to highjack a little Daniel)

I have the same problem trying to assign client-side storage values to page variables.

I have found no relevant documentation, no videos and a few forum entries with no satisfactory answer (in some cases the OP may have fixed the problem but they will just say “I figured it out” and moderated doesn’t elicit what they did. I have not tried using a formula yet, but I expect it will work (with an error), and It’s a lot more work!

There is something broken with variable type, and this is a symptom of the problem. I found a similar issue with formulas using numerical page variables – the parser says they are not numbers when they are number type with only a default value assign.

It works with a formula but has an error, “not text”. It is a text variable and has text (non-numeric) assigned to it (!).

Thanks for sharing. I found the solution after I compared with another Page I have created.

What I did wrong was creating a variable “Object” instead of creating a variable “List”.

The List variable was then populated with objects.

I still get incompatible when I bind the labels in the ResultsList, but now it works for me.