Problem with my iOS build

Hello guys,

I have a little problem with my iOS build. I generate my certificate correclty but i have this error :

Status: error
Error Message: Codesign Error: ‘0 valid identities found’. You might have generated a new certificate in the Apple Developer Center, but you have not generated a new provisioning profile which matches the new certificate. Please generate and upload a new provisioning profile, then request a new build.

Do you have an idea about this ? I already look in the forum but someone with the same issue didn’t say how he fix it.

Thanks you very much for your help.

Hey Fa_Ki

Have you had any success with this since posting? I have been having trouble with this for a week or so…you may have been looking at my post…I gave up for a week or so, to give my brain a rest and now picking it up again…

I am sure I have the certificate part correct but the build keeps failing with the message you are getting…I am generating the certificate using Windows 10 rather than a Mac. What system are you using?


Unfortunately no, I still don’t have a solution. I generated the certificate from a Mac so the problem obviously does not come from your generation from Windows 10

I agree, I am sure the process I am following is sound even though I am doing it on Windows, hopefully someone from the team can help.

Hi, have you found a solution? Because obviously nobody wants to answer us


No, I have not. Yes, disappointing…I think they are being stretched, so they are not as responsive as they once were. I am trying to be patient, and exploring other things :slight_smile: