Problem with Outputs using JS

Hi, i am try to do a http request from JS and works but nothing it is output vars.

i try in postman and say "{“success”:true,“data”:{“documento”:“O…” etc

the JS works perfect in appgyver but have not any output and i can’t confirm the success or error.

Somebody help me pls!

Add info:

I am using JS to do the request beacouse http request component doesn’t work to send post data in x-application/x-www-form-urlencoded type (ex: code=value&code2=value2)

http request component send me a 200 ok message and do it but not send any data in body when post.

In Postman the same it is work perfect.

Hmmm. I think that to have a chance of success you should modify the original HTTP request JavaScript instead of starting from scratch. You can get to this code by double-clicking the HTTP request node on the canvas, it should open in isolation mode and you’d be able to get to its internal code.

No guarantees though that even if you do modify the request that it would work, as it might be that the runtime doesn’t support what you’re trying to do, but it’s worth trying.

Thanks for answering, I don’t have access to the node you mention. Anyway my request problem was from the API. it is important that the PHP API contains php://input to read the raw post. this was a very specific error when using an API to READ databases from github.

Just to confirm; you got it working?

Yes, it’s working rigth now. it was the API code not the http request.