Problem with Rich Text Content from Firebase data

How can you see in the image that I attach, I retrieve a text from my Firebase DB and assign it to a Rich Text within a component designed for my app.

I only get the “**” markers for Bold and a few others to work, but I can’t get a single line break to show … not even including two blanks at the end of each line.

Does anyone know how to get line breaks to show?

This is the text, and this is how I would like the text to be displayed, but I’d settle for at least the line breaks showing.

@JOHN_WORSHAM, hello friend, you always answer me to everything and not what would be my app, without your tutorials … can you think of how I can solve this?

Hey Victor - did you find a solution? I have the same prob.

Hey I just find a solution! go to component market and instal Rich text - change the text component whit the Rich text component. Go to DB and bold text there - it works whit Airtable.

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