Problem with TAKE PHOTO

Guys, I’m having problems with the LOGICAL FUNCTION TAKE PHOTO. Is not working. It’s just not accessing. I’m using the most basic and simplest form possible:

I have a page variable named PHOTO of type LOCAL FILESYSTEM PATH and I have a button with the COMPONENT TAP action that calls the LOGICAL FUNCTION TAKE PHOTO, but nothing is happening. IT IS NOT CALLING THE LOGICAL FUNCTION TAKE PHOTO.

ATTENTION APPGYVER TEAM, does anyone know if it’s a problem with AppGyver?

Worked for me a while back.

This seems to be related to the known “open page” bug in the Preview app.

It is reported as a bug but not solved yet:

I have the same issue that Take Photo does not show any effect in the preview app. If you build the app and deploy it to a mobile device it should work.

But… for sure this is an awful way if you need to debug.