Problem with the app builded version

Hello, I have a problem with app builded version, when i run in the preview in the browser evething it’s ok, when i install the apk in the phone the APIS i consume does not work. Any idea to solve the problem. thanks in advance. Runtime version 4.1.5 Build359572:Gerentes

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Hey, I have the same issue. Any updates or solutions?

No, not yet my friend, stil waiting for solution.

Hi! Try building a newer version but other than that I can only recommend debugging each step of the logic with e.g. alerts to find what is failing and with what error, as I haven’t heard of this issue :disappointed_relieved:

Please feel free and send me screen capture and explain me what’s an App it’s about?

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@Jaime_Aviles sorry I don’t understand, what do you mean?

By the debugging I need that where ever your app has logic, add some type of logging or alerts to check what part of the logic runs and what doesn’t. What happens in the built mobile app that does not in preview? Does it crash, or does it end in a weird state?

I already try with other versión and stil not working, the App function very well and browser(preview), but when i make the APK versión and installed in the phone doesn’t work. This App consume API many methods, seen to me don´t have de grant permisión to Access.

Before i make the APK i make sure to give all the grant permisión to the Apps.

What else could be wrong?

Does the app work when you use it in Android preview app? What happens when you say it “doesn’t work”? Can you send a screenshot or explanation?