Problem with Tutorials Movie Review App Gyver

Hello All,
I’m following the Movie Review tutorial here ( to learn more about the Appgyver platform. I got stuck at the 13:26 step, in which you need to enter the parameter ID to match the ID of movies on page Movies and Moves Detail.

It seems like there is none value that matches the ID parameter. Please see the pictures.

If you know how to fix this, please let me know. Thank you.

Yep, so binding Page parameters has been updated a little since recording the tutorial video. I think you could keep the parameter type as Text and when you use Open page you could bind the parameter value to a Formula that makes your Number type id pass as Text to the opened page. The Formula would look like this:


Then when you need to use the parameter in the opened page, you could change it back to Number type with Formula:


I hope this helps you to get further with the tutorial. If you need more help or have new questions, please let me know here.

Sidenote: We have even newer videos showing the basics of Composer in out Academy here: It might be a good place to start or continue after the Movie Review tutorial.