Problem with "Use REST API to list data" -tutorial

Hi, I have a problem when I try to do as the video shows. Everything works well until I have to add the data to the list. When I try to choose the text to primary label and secondary label, the dropdown only has one option: “id”. In the video it has multiple options. I used the same database as in the video. I’ll add an screenshot of the properities menu of the list item.

Thank you for your help!

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Did you click Set schema from response so that the resource got the correct schema (i.e. data structure)? You can check it on the resource’s Schema tab in the Data Configurator.

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Yes, I had done it but it had not solved the problem.

Hm, looks like there’s a potential bug where you need to have schema set for both Get collection and Get record type routes for the fields to show up. Can you try that?

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Okay that seems to solve the problem, thank you!

Goes to screen 2 and 3, press Test>run test and Set schema from response in both.

This bug is now fixed, FYI all!