Problem with using AppGyver cloud for meeting list

I want to built sth like this (The up-arrow changes the visibility from the container under the line)

It should be filled with information that the user can write in some input fields. Then the data is saved to cloud. The saving works. But i wanted to repeat it, that the both Headlines have the same title, the paragraph at the top is a short description, the paragraph under the second title is the full description and below is the date and the place of it. I tried to set the complete container as a view component and as normal container but both results as this

what do i have to do that it is repeated as a complete meeting info like in the first picture?
the tutorial only shows how to save, repeat and edit one data and not some more.

And could you maybe tell me how i can edit these meetings (titel, description, etc.) and how i can delete the full meeting. I didn’t really understand from the tutorial (editing).

Hmm, I’m not sure I understand correctly, but what you’d want to do is repeat the container from a data/page/app variable that is a List of Object, in which you have the meeting data. Then you would bind each element within the repeat that you want to have data in to the currently repeated data.

Editing in a list is, hmm. It might be a problem. You can try, of course, through the bindings via current and updating the record. Deleting is trivial once you have bound the data variable to the repeat, simply add a button/icon from which on click you delete the record.

I’m not sure I went into enough detail, but let me know after getting the binding to the repeat right if you need more guidance!

I have a page (called “Termin erstellen” = create meeting) where the Data is written into some input fields. (Termin = Meeting)

The several inputs are stored in AppGyver Cloud storage. And then on my other Page (“Startseite” = home) is the list of the meetings. What you can see in the first image above, is one of my Meeting items that should be filled in with the Data what i get from my meeting creator that was stored in cloud.

And at this time, i didn’t tried to edit the data, because the repeating of data won’t work, as you can see in the second picture above. It’s not repeated as the full component. Do you have a solve for this?

To me it doesn’t look like in the picture of the Startseite that the data is bound correctly to the UI elements. Can you show me what you have done in the Composer UI, or give me your app id so I can have a look?

Here’s the id. 103709
(I’ve turned it into a view component called “Termine”, but as a container it won’t work to.)
And here’s the bound.

Alright. I think I found the problem. From the debugger I noticed that your Termine data is in a format that’s different from the fields that you have bound in the UI (found from under State -> Data References):

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 9.10.37

I’m not sure, maybe you created these data before and the schema was different? I would recommend deleting these (add a delete icon to the repeat for example) and create new ones. With a quick look, the new ones should conform to the new structure you have.

i don’t know how to delete the data. I’ve tried to set a button under the list with formula “get record collection” and next to it i put the delete record 6 times. Every one needed an id, but i don’t know the id’s of the data. so i wanted tp set id to the data variable. but this doesn’t work. so i deleted this and added the delete record 6 times to component tap of the “termine” view component. There i choosed the “property of data in repeat” of every data. But this doesn’t work too. So i wanted to get the specified id of every data, but i can’t connect to the debugger with my phone. in the settings of the app it’s only showing a circle with connecting paragraph. so i can’t connect to debugger. Both devices are in the same network and i also read the documentation

What could i do now?

Add the delete button to the repeat to get the correct data to delete.

For debugger connection, check that your phone and laptop/PC are in the same wifi.

i’ve done this, but it’s not getting deleted.

Debugger. Both devices are in the same wifi, but it’s still not working. i also restarted both devices.

I did it… Deleting, Editing and Creating a Meeting works fine.

The problem with the debugger is also solved. It was a problem with our wlan.

The only Problem i can’t solve is that the visibility of the details container of my meeting, which is changed if i click on the arrow, is changed for all repeated items and not only for the current one.

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Hi! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I was on vacation for the last two weeks. Looking at your app, you have bound the visibility to a page variable which is the same for every repeated item, so they would naturally toggle all visible/hidden. To fix this, you would need a page variable for each component to toggle it visible/hidden by e.g. generating an array when the page is loaded and the data is there. (There will be an easier way to do this when we get our AppGyver Preview 2.X out, but that might still take some weeks)

Generating the page variable would be as follows:

  1. Create an array of objects page variable with each object having id and boolean for isVisible
  2. After data is loaded on page, put set page variable node and in it, set this array of objects page variable via formula, where you MAP each item from the data to {id:, isVisible: false} or similar
  3. Bind the visibility of the container you want to hide/show to the isVisible that matches the currently repeated id
  4. Toggle this visibility by changing the value of isVisible corresponding to the id of the currently repeated

You might also want to have a look at this tutorial Tomi recently posted as it might be helpful:

no problem. Thanks for explanation. But i think then i will wait for preview 2.X, cause you said then it would be easier.