Problem with web app build service when using same url as an older (now deleted) app?

I ran the build service about 20 hours ago and and completed successfully about 30 minutes later.
The appgyver hosted web app did not update however. I read some other posts that said it took some time to update so I set it aside and came back to it today.

Still not updated. I wonder if it is because I had a different appgyver app posted to that same url. I’ve since then deleted that app and figured I’d be able to replace with the current version (now app 187493). The url is still showing that old (now deleted app).

Can someone help? I’d like to use the same URL and not have to post the current app to a new URL.



Sorry for the delay in response! Is it still not updated? What hosting are you using: your own server or AG Cloud?

AppGyver hosting, still not updated. Can you please help me resolve this? I’d like to publish my app but am not able to with this problem.