Problems previewing on Android with Appgyver app

Hi I seem to be having problems previewing the Appgyver app on Android

It has been working well until these new releases under the SAP banner, which has messed up my workflow

This may have been all announced somewhere but I haven’t seen it, so apologies

  1. I don’t understand what the SAP AG Legend app is compared to the SAP AG Preview app.

  2. I tried using the previous non-SAP app, and it doesn’t seem to work. Is the old one defunct? I can see my apps listed but I just get the eternal spinning arrow and a message about networks

  3. In the AG Preview app, my login options are PIN code, QR code and URL (which i found finally in the browser-based composer). Is there no longer a username / password ?

  4. With both QR code and URL I get the error message " Invalid or expired QR code "

  5. With the PIN option I get “Error Creating PIN code”

I don’t know if it is an Android version issue - but in this case , my versions are later than the vs 5 stipulation on the Google Play download section

Sorry if this has been gone over elsewhere or in documentation , but I would appreciate some advice. I do worry about this SAP takeover


I have exactly the same problem as Sim_Sim. Not sure, this a bug or problem on my end.


The difference between the Legend app and the non-legend app is that the non-legend app is always running the latest version, and the Legend app is running the next to latest version, so one behind the non-legend app. Sometimes these run the same version if there’s significant issues with the next to latest version. So by default the non-legend app should be used :slight_smile:

The previous non-SAP preview app is deprecated and will be removed from app stores. It hasn’t been updated so that would explain the issues you’re experiencing.

Yes, login has been switched to the different codes.

Hmm about those error messages, if you open your developer console in your browser ( Command+Option+C or Control+Shift+C ) and then click on generate QR code or PIN code, are you seeing any errors come up in the console?


I am new to Appgyver and I am having the same issue. I cannot use either application to preview. I am using an android honor 6x.
I get the same errors mentioned for the QR and PIN code, as well as the URL’s.

I followed your steps using the developer console, but I do not see any errors. I am guessing the issue is with the application, as I cannot even generate a PIN code.

Thank you

Hey @user32

Sorry I might have given some bad direction, when you open developer tools make sure you have the Console tab opened, and then click on generate PIN Code. If there’s issues in creating it then the error message should be visible there.

That is fine, but the PIN code is generated on the mobile app and entered on the PC. So, I get the PIN code generation error on my phone, and I have never obtained a PIN code.
On the other hand, the QR code is generated correctly on PC and is supposed to be scanned by the mobile app. Although I can generate the QR code just fine and the console window is not showing any errors, when I go to scan on the mobile app it’s giving the error. So both errors appear on the mobile app.

Thank you

@Cecilia I think you missed my reply

Hello @user32 ,

Yes, apologies for not getting back to you. Could you submit a tracker ticket with your app info, so our dev team can take a further look into this issue? :slightly_smiling_face: sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!