Problems using news feed

I want to make a news feed in my app and i’m using the news feed component for that. The problem is, that i can’t use data from cloud to be displayed.
I repeat the full component with data.News and the component parts are getting it’s values from list of values.
In list of values i’m using the current.title binding and so on.
I changed the news feed container to be shown horizontally because it’s to big at desktop with only vertically parts. But in preview it works fine if i add each values at list of values. Also it’s displayed correctly. (only the bins are misplaced in preview)

But if i use the current data from cloud, nothing works…


Sorry for the delay in response :scream:

So you should be able to bind the data.News directly to the news feed component as the property News feed data list, just change the binding from list of values to data variable or formula. You don’t need to repeat the component, it repeats itself automatically based on the list. But note that the data.News needs to have the exact same schema as the news feed data list is, with the properties excerpt, headline, and imageURL. You can use MAP to transform your data.News , so the News feed data list formula binding would look like this:

MAP(data.News, {excerpt: item.excerpt, headline: item.title, imageURL: item.url})

the item.___ depends on how the properties are named in the original data.News

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