Problems when trying to display an image in a container

Hi there. I have a horizontal scrollview in which I’d like to display a title, an image and other information, all this from the backend.
The image is stubborn and won’t fit in the area of the screen where I’d like it to be.

On the screen it seems to be good but then on the preview the image is way too big:

When I try to modify the image height, it’s somehow cropped:

I put the image in a container.

When I try to change the size of the container and nicely ask the image to fit, it doesn’t comply, I get the same result as previously.

Can’t find the needed information in the documentation.

Any help would be welcome :pray:

I tried to ‘shrink’ the image. I can’t figure out how this works. I tried something unsuccessfully:

I saw ’ resize mode ’ in the documentation: I tried to use it in the binding with a formula, but it didn’t work.

I found this video
and saw the answer was really close:

(sorry for bothering with dumb questions)

Still, the image is shrunk but the the overall appearance of the scroll view has become shoddy… and I get only one item instead of 3 :cry:

Can’t figure out why…
(the preview platform doesn’t seem to work by the way)