Problems with Large Image List

We have a Large Image List in a mobile application that was published Dec 2021. We are trying to make changes that the customer requested but we are experiencing two problems.

  1. Modifying the Description field in the Large Image List Item does not reflect the changes either in the designer or app preview. I’ve uploaded a picture of the problem.

  1. When editing the Style and changing the background color of the large Image List, the color change is evident in the designer, but not in the app preview. In the image below, the highlighted control should have the same purplish background color like the one below.

Here’s what it looks like in the app preview:

Please help, we have passed up agenst the clock.

Hi @nP_Dev, it looks like there might be some local modifications to the component template in the app that you’re working on since I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. I would recommend that you

  1. find the Large image list item on the Installed tab and revert it to the latest version

  1. make the background color change again by double-clicking the item to enter Component Style Editor, and editing the bg color of the style class

Thank you @Mari ! This was very helpful. Part of the problem we discovered as well is that we were using the outdated preview app instead of the SAP Appgyver preview app. Once we updated that, we were able to see changes. Thank you for your help!

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