Processing logic with multiple inputs


How is Appgyver processing flow items when there are multiple inputs to a node? Is the node waiting until all inputs arrive (like a sync point) or is the node executed every time one input arrives?
If the latter is the case, how could I build such a sync point?

In my case, I did a (probably stupid) flow sequence like the following: From a geolocation node, I added four parallel “Set app variable” nodes which then “synchronized” in a delay node. From what I experienced, it looks more like the Delay node did not synchronize but instead, each iteration multiplied the number of parallel executions by 4. Of course I can fix this by putting the “Set app variable” sequentially in this case but I would love to understand how AppGyver operates/should operate here and how to achieve sync points for other use cases.



Yes the node executes every time an input arrives, so your delay node triggered four times probably. And the way to correct it would be as you said, set the nodes sequentially. I don’t think there’s any set practice on how to achieve synchronization other than using sequences. Maybe one other application that’s common in e.g. loading lists and other data resources would be to have a true/false variable loading which is set to true when you start your data fetch and set to false when the fetch is complete (and whatever you do in between). This way it’s easy to toggle visibility of components, for example loading spinners.

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