Project connected to Firebase, and data doesn't show

I used this video to help configure my Firebase account and database, and build a simple “hello world” AppGyver Android app. It doesn’t give errors on the connection, but no data shows up in the preview, even though I’ve entered two records.

I have done all the step for two different projects, just to make sure I didn’t skip a step, and the second one I only did the steps in the video.

I am using the previewer on my Android device and the previewer for Windows. Neither one shows the data.

I have not even added authentication to the App yet.

My rules:
allow read: if
request.time <, 1, 27);

The app is certainly hitting the database according to this graphic

I even added a few events to the page load to try to force read the table. No change in the previewer…

At any rate, I’m new to this, and if I cannot get past this simple first step…

Hi, do you have a data variable associated with the collection you’re trying to fetch to display the data?

If you open web preview with Chrome dev tools open (right-click + Inspect → Network) do you see that the “Get collection” request goes through successfully or are there any errors?

You can also see the results of the Get collection flow by for example adding an Alert to both output ports of the flow (1st is success and 2nd is error), and binding the alert content to the output of Get collection.

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Yes, thank you for responding. I have a data variable, but when it didn’t produce what the video produces, and I saw my data set on the Firebase site getting hits, I gave up after 8 hours of trying different things.

Per your suggestion, I have added alerts. I get the alert “Data Found!” from this…


And after adding the alerts, the data shows in the previewer. So what’s changed by adding the alerts!?


Hi, that’s very odd, nothing should change. Could be some temporary flake in the preview app – does it still work if you remove the alert?

Yes. Frustrating. I wish this weren’t my first time at bat. I’d likely be able to tell you more…


BTW, the preview app being used was both the windows and the android preview app. Perhaps Appgyver prefers Apples to Oranges.

Hi All.

I am having the same issue. All seems to be working but the data is not showing up.
Below are the screenshots of what I have done.

Data Resource

Data Variable

Data Binding

Data Variable

Any guidance would be appreciated as I see this as a fantastic replacement to build Apps, but needs to be simpler to be a true no code platform.

Thank you

@Junaid_Hansrod what’s happening for you on the Network tab, if anything?

@Mari - I am not very technical with these things, but below is the output of trace and what I have done.
Your advise is kindly requested.

Trace Output

Firestore Rules

Firestore Collection

Variable Binding

New Page Logic

Hi, on the network side everything looks to be in order – if you open the “documents:runQuery”, do you see the correct data being returned from Firebase on one of the response tabs there?

You seem to have some duplicate logic for setting the data variable on the page logic canvas. If you go to “Data variables” view and open the logic canvas, you’ll see that the logic for getting the data and setting the variable is already there:

Would it help if you remove the data-related logic after “Page focused”?

Thank you Mari.

I have removed the data-related logic from “Page focused”

When I run it again I get the following out put in the traces.

Kindly advise.

Hi, do you actually have any data in Firestore in a table called USERS.Name ? It looks like the request goes through correctly, but it doesn’t include any records, that’s why the data variable is empty. When the request actually returns some items the preview will look like this:



I must have got lost in all the different attempts I was making. It now seems to be working.

Thank you very much.

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Haha, happens to the best of us! Glad to hear you got it to work.