Project not loading

Reopening a project I just saved will not reopen.
Stuck on spinning spokes and “Loading…”


Will not even open so cannot go back in the History.

Other two small test projects open fine.

Same. And a few days ago, I could even open the Web Preview from within Composer – though, they seemed to have fixed that part. Now, it’s just spinning nonstop as the fellow above said.

P.S. I’m actually referring to opening the Preview here. You seem to be having trouble opening Composer altogether. Might be something for the AG team to look into…

Yes, it’s an issue with opening a project in Composer Pro. Not a Preview. Preview button is flaky, right now, and others are reporting that alone.

But it seems my project file is corrupted or something,

Hi! If you’re still having issues with this, please provide us your app id (the one in the url when you open the app).

@Mevi My phone preview app just spins. Number from my URL 193128. (

Yes. the project seems broken. Sigh.
App id is 108639.

Shakes my confidence in using AppGyver.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yup … still happening for one of my apps … APP ID 199225

My issue is NOT the preview. It is with trying to open the PROJECT.
My project got corrupted and never loads.

As reported in other threads, there are some issues with the Preview button.

If you have an issue with opening your PREVIEW, you can try opening the preview from directly from here:

@Chris_Duncan @vereggen if you have auth in your apps, enable the opening page without auth in the initial view’s page advanced settings, and any other page you open from initial view :thinking: not sure if initial view is necessary, but perhaps. If this doesn’t work, check from developer console (web) what error(s) your apps are giving, because I’m able to open apps without getting stuck in the spinner :thinking: Also check that hide spinner flows are in place (every page mount).

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 9.36.32

@idig3d we’re looking into the issue of your app not opening in Composer.

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Hi @Mevi … thanks for taking a look at this.

I changed the “allow page to be opened without authentication setting” to on and still have the issue.

It’s not a spinner issue since I built a custom / dark background spinner … which the preview app never gets to.

So I don’t think it’s even getting to my app to load.

I opened a bug report here with the screenshot of the console log error messages.

APP ID: 199225

Just looked at my other app that loads fine … “allow page to be opened without authentication" setting is set to off and it works.

@Mevi thanks for trying to help. Like @vereggen , that didn’t work. It’s not getting to the app to load. Attached are my error messages.

I talked to @Steve_Stava over Zoom and we couldn’t debug it because the app preview isn’t actually loading the app. It just spins from the very start.

It WORKS in the Mac desktop preview app. Just not on mobile ios and web.

What do you think now?

Yes still have this issuer 204779

Your project in not loading in the Composer either?

@idig3d It’s loading in the composer but not in the preview app on both Android and IOS.

The bug I posted was that my project was not loading in Composer.
I cannot even open my project to edit it.

If I cannot open and edit it, I have lost over a year of data.

@Chris_Duncan @vereggen @Marvellous 2.6.5 was published yesterday, has it helped with your issues at all?

@idig3d your project recovery is still on our backlog, but the person who can do it has not been able to get to it, unfortunately. It has been asked about again today, but there’s still a wait. I’m fairly confident the project can be recovered though.

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Thanks for the confidence. Hopefully soon.

Issue still happens with Preview 2.6.5. Not able to load on web or iOS. Screen shot from web attached.


@Mevi didn’t help me. Same issues.