Project won’t open in composer

Hi I have signed up today and the composer fails to open, it just keeps showing the loading spinning icon. I get the option to create, select a template and then nothing loads, I have tried on both my Mac book pro and windows 10 laptop both using Chrome. Cheers Gerry

Let’s get to the bottom of this – could you try opening the Web Inspector console (Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows, Cmd+Opt+I on Mac) and taking a screenshot of the issue?

Hi here is the screenshot as requested cheers Gerry

Thanks, we’ll investigate this and get back to you here, sorry for your troubles!

@gerard2: Did this happen to you right after you created a new app?
Is this still happening to you if you now try to create another new app?

Hi Kimmo,

Yes i click on the create new app, it lets me give it a name and select a template and when I click create I just keep getting the loading screen. I can click back and I can create another new APP but again it will not load. When I click back I can see the new apps I have created however they do not load/open.

I have attached a log file which i copied and pasted from chrome browser. I am new to AppGyver and have never created any apps using it, this is the first time I have used it.



(Attachment is missing)

Hi I tried sending you a log file but it got rejected as it is not a graphical image. Is there another way to send you the log file?



@gerard2 Log files would be very useful! Especially if there are any errorneus requests on the Network tab on your browser, that information would be very helpful for us!

We changed the forum settings so that you should now be able to upload the log file, if you try again!

Ok will try uploading log file again thanks.

(Attachment is missing)

Ok i see there is a 4mb limit on the upload I have trimed the log file to reduce the size. (3.94 MB)

@gerard2: Do you get any errors on the console or on the Network tab when you navigate to the app creation page ( but BEFORE you click the “Create” button?

Here is another screenshot of the network tab -

Also a screenshot of Chrome version and macOS thanks Gerry

As I mentioned previously I get the exact same issue when trying to open on my Windows 10 and in Chrome….

No all good took a screen shot you can see the four apps I have tried to create.

Thank you for the logs and the screenshots!

We suspect that something went wrong as early as when the app was created. Can you see any errors when you navigate to this page (before you click “Create”)?

Here is the network log for when i click the create new app button.

Pushed creaate button.rtf (19.7 KB)

Hi It is now working when I created a new app see attached! however still get errors when trying to open any of the first four apps I created. I will delete these as there is nothing in them. Thanks for your help with this, so looking forward to trying out your app cheers Gerry

created_new_app.rtf (15.7 KB)

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Glad you got it working!
You can delete the old apps that were not working.

Hi Kimmo,

Composer Pro completly freezes when opening any project that I have created. Either with Safari or Chrome. All I get is an empty builder screen where not a single button works. I can only go back to the previous screen and a) open the project again (same issue happens) or b) delete the project.

I have now tried to create 4 projects, this happens every. time.

Its pity that this doesn’t work - this might have a lot of potential