Project won’t open in composer

@Ari-Pekka_FI looks like this happened in like 7hrs ago. I was working and when i refreshed the page had this same issue.

@Harri_Sarsa Please can you take a look into this as we can’t work on our projects currently. Thanks

Same here, can’t get any project to open.

same here to, nothing work

I got my project working but it took a few times to click between the project and then going back to the project home screen. Oddly enough I got the project working only when I clicked on the top right hand corner of the card representing my project

Unfortunately I still can’t get my editor to work. Even creating a new project is that same. :persevere:

I’m also having this issue.

Sorry for issues, looking at this ASAP!

Might’ve found the issue; working now for me at least – can you guys report if you’re still affected?

You can follow updates at

Still an issue for me. Thanks.

Still doesn’t work for me either

Still down. Was down from 1 computer earlier (cleared cache, tried different browser session altogether, no dice), but working fine on another . Now stopped working on the 2nd.

Still doesn’t work for me.

It seems that a third-party service we use made a change that caused Composer to start crashing for some users. As an immediate measure, we’ve now blocked the service from running on the domain from their dashboard; if errors persist, gonna try deploying a hotfix that removes the script tag altogether.

Seems like at least 38 users have been affected.

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Works again now. Thanks!

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