Property Management System - Doable?

Hi everyone!

I’m looking into the documentation for AppGyver however, can’t fully find the answer to my question.
Here I am hoping someone’s able to answer my queries.

I’m looking to create something similar to a property management system; leasing management where units are leased to owners who then rents out to tenants. The data relationship between these entities are important and history must be kept.
The other functionality this needs to have is receivables management where monthly fees can be charged to customers and other ad hoc charges.
Additional functionality that would be very useful is a customer portal for the owner to login and view their billing history etc.

I’d like to know if I’m able to create all of the above with appgyver?
This will be very helpful!

Thank you!

Yes this is very do-able

Hey John,

Thanks for the prompt response - really appreciate it!

That’s great to hear - seeing someone like you that can provide a quick insight whether the application is able to assist with this is great.

Looking further with my limited knowledge, I understand that I need a backend database that will link to appgyver.

I’ve looked at Xano however, it doesn’t allow me to import csv where I currently store all my other data.
I’ve seen other members of the community mention Airtable.

Are you able to provide a few recommendations?

Appreciate the prompt response once again.

Yes Airtable would be what i would recommend for you. Importing CSV tables into that is easy