Publicly available AppGyver Application

Hi all,

Supritha here again!!

Can I get the link of few appgyver applications which has already been developed and used by external users? I need to review those applications for my research.

I really need our community help for a better outcome from my research.

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My first app isn’t published yet, but I bookmarked this one for future reference:

You can see a video about this app from the author at

Thank you Marty for your quick response :relaxed: . I will look into it…It helps me a lot !!

Hi Supritha! This thread has a link where you can find publicly available apps. We are trying to keep it updated as we find more of them.

some apps ive whipped up recently but have not published demo video available at this link APP DEMOS - Hnf Co

Hi Marty,

could you help me with hosting an app on my server? It works fine on aws but i have no idea what configurations are needed for my own server,