Publicly available Northwind OData service not displaying Expand option

Created a new OData Integration data resource using the publicly available Northwind OData service. But I am not able to see the expand option for the entity sets.
Am I missing something ?

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I am not sure what expand option you are referring to. Could you provide more context, please? Perhaps a screenshot would suffice.

Sure… Based on the SAP Learning Journey certification course - we can add an OData data resource and then be able to select the expand entities…

This works when I use the SAP Sales Cloud OData Service… That’s what the certification course uses. However, when I use other OData Services, it doesn’t work. See image below.


Not all OData services have the expanded entities configured. As you can see from the screenshot, the Northwind OData does not have any expandable entities, thus you are not seeing any in the Composer.

The Service Cloud from the Learning Journey has expanded entities, hence you are seeing them in the OData configuration.

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Interesting… I have never seen this OData URL syntax ($expand clause on $metadata). Is this part of the OData specs ?

Typically, the $expand clause is used along with an entity.$expand=Supplier&$format=json$expand=Order_Details&$format=json


Composer automatically expands entities in the OData request.
After running a ‘list’ test on the “Products” entity, you can see all the data available.

But that’s not going to add the Supplier entity to the schema definition… Ideally, I would like SAP AppGyver to make the $expand call to Supplier (along with Products) and create the schema definition for me.

That’s what it does with the SAP Sales Cloud OData service… But not with other OData Services.

We need to get the Supplier data along with Products data to create the schema… Something like this.

That data is included in the main request. You can isolate it and use it via a formula.

@Kirill_Leventcov - Hi, I have checked for the same functionality for Odata destination configured in BTP. The entities does not come expanded by default. Is there any catch for this? Or, is this facility of expanding entities available while consuming Odata via destinations set in BTP?

Raj Pawan Gumdal

From the SAP Commerce Cloud documentation, one can read:

The service c4codaatapi is a container for several individual object-specific OData services. Hence, extension fields must be added to these individual services. Extension fields added to individual services automatically reflect in c4codataapi. The individual services that you need to select when adding an extension field to a particular object is listed here.

In other words, as @Kirill_Leventcov already mentionned it’s up to the ODATA service to include the extensions fields. SAP Commerce Cloud ODATA does it and it looks like Nothwind ODATA service does not do it.

I hope that helps;

@Milton_Chandradas , just wondering if you tried to add these extensions manually ?