Publish on Play Store & App Store

Hi everyone,
I am a new user experimenting with AppGyver, I have a question that I have not found an answer to; the site reports:

The 100% free plan includes publishing your app to the app stores or web. We can even host your site on our CDN if you’d like. We provide a Google Firebase connector for free, and we don’t put any limits on the usage of third-party backends for production apps either. You can build both non-commercial and commercial apps – no strings attached.

…maybe I misunderstood, the publication on the Play Store and Apple Store can be done from AppGyver or you have to pay the respective and load the Apps created with AppGyver? I suppose this last one because I have not found any guides to do it.
Thank you guys

Hi, check out the documentation on building and distributing your app. You get the .apk / .ipa file of the build from AppGyver to your computer, but the distribution itself happens on the Google / Apple side.

I had read the documentation, I wanted a confirmation before paying the respective plans to open the accounts to publish the App. Thanks Mari.

Apple Developer accounts cost $100 / year. Google Play Developer is one time $25 .