Publish Theme to Marketplace

There is a list of themes on the marketplace but I can’t find a place where I could publish my theme to there so I could use it in other apps.

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Unfortunately publishing themes is not possible as of yet, but we hope to include that feature when we get to make an improved version of our theme editor!


We’ll see if there’s a way to fast track this, definitely a glaring missing feature.

You can copy a theme over to another app by editing the underlying JSON structure directly via Web Inspector, but note that you can completely break your app if you malform the JSON and save.

  1. Open Web Inspector console in app A
  2. Run copy(sekritDolan.theme) – this copies the theme JSON description to your clipboard
  3. Open Web Inspector console in app B
  4. Write sekritDolan.theme = , press CMD/CTRL+V to paste the theme JSON from app A, and press enter
  5. Make some change in the app to make the save button appear
  6. Save changes

App B’s theme has now been overwritten with the theme from app A.