Published app does not allow me to open other pages

Hi guys!

I just published my webapp, but I cannot continue to the next pages when I click the button (which does work in the preview). Anyone knows what to do?


Are you getting any errors in the developer console when you try to open pages? If you open your webapp, open the console by Cmd+Option+J or Ctrl+Shift+J , and the try to open a page in you app, do you see any errors?

I get this error:

Opening the link (ending with //AllData?), I get on a page with “{“error”:“Missing SteroidsApiKey header from request”}”

Hmm odd, can I get your app id so we can go look into the issue a bit more? The app id is the number sequence in the url of your app.

Yes sure! Here is the id: 180985

hi @Cecilia

have you been able to find anything?

This is the behaviour I am talking about:


Sorry for taking so long, but we found a bug in opening pages from initial view with “Allow page to be opened without authentication” set to true in built web apps. So sorry for the trouble, we have this as a fix ticket as high priority and let’s hope to get it working soon!

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Hi Cecilia!

Do you have a timeline for this update/fix to come?


I cannot say for sure, but it’s scheduled for the next sprint as high priority to fix. Hopefully this will be next week, sorry for the wait!

Alright, thanks for the clarity.
Would love to continue building indeed :slight_smile:

hi @Cecilia

any clarity about the timeline for this?


As of my understanding the fix should be released today :slight_smile:

that is awesome! waiting full of excitement

I can, unfortunately, not see an improvement yet…

Hi! Hmm it should be working if you build it using 2.5.7, have you tried that version?

@Cecilia I am checking it out on my chrome browser. Maybe you can check as well?

It seems to work, clicking on Already have an account takes me to the login page.

I just did another build. And indeed, it seems to work! Great!

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