Published app vs app stored inside Appgyver

Dear, whenever open app inside Appgyver, it will take seconds to load.

When we build and publish the app then it will run alone, not through Appgyver, so will it still take the same time to load or will be faster ?

I have 2 apps, one simple ( takes only 2 seconds to load ) and another got too many pages and flows, it takes 5-7 seconds to load. So inside Apgyver it will depend on complexity of the app… How about outside ?


In my case my app outside Appgyver loads almost instantly

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Is ur app kind of simple or complicated ? I have one demo simple app ( just 4-5 flows & components, 2 pages ) - it’s also pretty fast to load even inside Apgyver. But my another main app which had quite alot of flows and components - takes so long…

@Mevi Could you please give an answer to this ?

When opening an app in AppGyver Preview, the preview app has to download your apps content, so opening the app may take some seconds. In a standalone build, all the content (except for dynamic data etc) is already on the device, so the standalone app opens much faster.