Published Apps made in SAP AppGyver - Master List

Hey everyone! Last year, we started documenting all of the known published apps live on App Store, Google Play and as web apps. Since then the original post where I linked the list continues to be one of the most opened links in the forum! I’ve made some updates to the list: added categories, removed dead links, and listed many new apps, including several entries we got from the No-Code Challenge on SAP Community. Please enjoy!

The List :point_right: AppGyver Community Published Apps - Master List - Google Sheets

Note: We’re open to any feedback about how to make this list even more helpful. I’ve been asked why we can’t provide exact metrics on published apps. The answer is that we currently have no way of tracking what people do with their app file once they have completed a successful build. Right now, the best we can do is outreach to the community, checking social media and right here in the forums.

If you have published or seen a live app that was made in SAP AppGyver, feel free to share it here and I’ll be happy to add it.

Hope everyone is having a great summer! :sun_with_face:


There are still many dead links and Google play removed apps. I couldn’t find atleast one Ecommerce app… :frowning: