Publishing on Apple App Store - Do I need to buy a Mac?

I have my android app on the Google Play Store. So now I am working on getting it published for IOS.

Is it necessary for me to acquire a Mac to do this? If so, what would be reasonable used model to look for?


I installed “VirtualBox” on my Windows to run only Mac for these cases and have an Apple account, since Apple is stricter and some Mac things are required. On YouTube look for good tutorial in your language and it does not take long and does not affect your Windows or another operating system that you handle.


I installed “VirtualBox ” on my Windows

Yes, that is one way to do it, but you still do need a Mac (only once) to obtain the .ios image of MacOS. Also, it seems to be against EULA to do that:

(So I would highly recommend to abstain from doing that)


Another option is Login - Hosted Macintosh

I use this service.


Yes, you need to use a Mac. I was able to do everything except upload the app package to Apple.

The Transporter program can only be run from a Mac. I’m using MacinCloud.

A bit related, the Apple App review process is time consuming.

It’s a good option with Macintosh, it’s much better, because they use a real Apple desktop (even hosted in Canada) without affecting Apple’s copyright, since the option it was giving, is as @Kirill_Leventcov says and is more delicate because of the policies.

Thanks folks. I decided to bite the bullet and just buy a little used laptop on amazon. Here is what I ordered. We’ll see if it does the job.


It can be done without an Mac: have a look on this thread, if you are still interested in how it works:

To generate a certificate I rented a Mac Mini M1 at (minimum timespan on offer is 24h for 2.40 Euro). From my understanding the certificate needs to be updated 1x per year.

To upload the app I am using

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I am testing out appcircle. I assume that I have to upload my ios build to appcircle. Since I have it locally on my windows machine, how do I upload it to appcircle? It seems to only support certain types of repositories and build types, like react, swift, etc and I don’t see an option to upload it directly.

Well, I found a download link to a windows version of Transporter:

Default install is in the program files(x86)\itms directory

It requires a script that runs in command prompt window.
Documentation is here:

[Transporter User Guide 2.3 Transporter User Guide 2.3

Maybe someone smarter than me can figure it all out.

It would be cool to create and Appgyver app as a front end to the script.

There is a documentation, how to upload an iOS build to appcircle and to transfer it further to App Store connect and TestFlight. It doesn’t require additional software.

But of course I am curious, if you figure out a way to upload the build with the transporter for Windows, that you found!

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I wish more people would just boycott apple altogether for their policies specifically designed to hurt the small independent developer.

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