Pull-to-refresh not working?


I tried to make my apps enable pull-to-refresh by following the tutorial here, but for some reason it doesn’t work

As far as I know from the tutorial I just need to make a new receive event function, set it to refresh page, and connect a node logic with the event, which I was using the ‘toast’ function

Is there anything I’m missing?

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Sorry for the delayed answer. If you have disabled scroll / set to viewport height, pull to refresh won’t work as scrolling is not enabled, that’s what comes into mind first :thinking:

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Hi Mevi,

No I didn’t set any of those things. In fact recently when the composer was updated, the refresh trigger button is already gone altogether…

Hope it will come back again soon. The pull to refresh function is like a must for us as almost all apps have it. Not being able to have it in our app feels like our app is not that ‘powerful’

Thanks a lot


Thanks for reporting this! We’re going to bring the event back (probably named “Page pull-to-refresh triggered” or similar) hopefully next week already.

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Good to know that. Thank you!

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The pull-to-refresh triggered event does not seem to be working, even when Disable scroll/Stretch viewport height are NOT set

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I have the same situation with Jose.
pull-to-refresh do not work even if I disable “scroll/Stretch viewport height”.
Is there a bug here ?