Pull to refresh, page keeps refreshing when I try to scroll to top of screen!

I try to refresh a page using pull-to-refresh however, page keeps refreshing when I try to scroll up. How do I make it to refresh only when pulled at top of the page?

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Same happens on my app! @Mari @Harri_Sarsa , please help´!


Please remind me, from where does this pull to refresh feature get enabled? Page does not have it, so what component set-up do you have that has this problem?

Its a Page event received - “Pull-to-refresh triggered”

Thanks for clarifying!

@Bruno_Oliveira I did a quick test about this with just a page using pull to refresh to display a toast and it only fired (on iOS, using 4.1.3) when I did the actual “pull to refresh” action on top. What is your setup? Are you using scrollview or disable scrolling with this? In that case those would mess with the pull to refresh event, please don’t use it. There will be a separate pull to refresh event for ScrollView in the future.

@Mevi, If I disable scroll on the page, the pull-to-refresh is never triggered (Android).
So I left the scroll on the page enabled, with strectch to viewport height.
Scrolling up on the scroll view inside this page triggers the pull-to-refresh all the time, on Android.

Are you saying that other components other than the page itself can currently have their own “pull-to-refresh” event?

Yes, when the scroll is disabled for the page then the pull-to-refresh event for the page should never be triggered. But I was able to verify the issue with the pull-to-refresh event firing mistakenly on scroll view scroll and reported that issue.

Yes, Scroll view will in the future have its own pull-to-refresh event, but that is not yet available.

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