Pull to refresh

Hi! How can pull to refresh on repeat list or scrollview


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Hi! There’s a tutorial about that here, let me know if it works or doesn’t work for you!

Thanks Mevi! in my case, disable the scrolling page because I have a fixed navigation. It should be something like the appgyver preview app home screen

Hi! Sorry, I’m not sure I understood you correctly :sweat_smile: Did this solution work for you or no? If no, by “fixed navigation”, do you mean you’re using Containers to create your own custom navigation? Could you give me a screenshot of what you’re doing in your app and another of the screen in the AppGyver Preview App you would want it to work like?

Thks Mevi!
if i enable page scrolling it works, but like you said i have my custom navigation
this is my app - the pull does nothing

this is what i want - the pull show the spinner

Ohhh yeah I’m sorry, that’s right. Disabling scroll disables the scroll event :confused: Which would mean that there is no way to do this currently, as there would need to be a change to the event or perhaps a new type of event to enable creating this feature when the scroll of the page is disabled. If you could file a bug report for this, that would help a lot!

Hey @Mevi I dont have scroll disabled however I still cant get pull to refresh to work. No spinner shows up when I pull down, and I have set a get collection to refresh the data on my page and it does not :frowning: Suggestions?

Hi! We have a bug with pull to refresh at the moment that it doesn’t work in 2.X :frowning: Hopefully it will get fixed with the upcoming 2.6.X version, but it isn’t for certain yet.

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Ok tks for the note!

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how you fix the top custom navigation but not have scroll disabled? I am trying to do the same thing but need to set the page style to “Disable scroll” to true

I also have the same problem as you, have you found some solution?

Use ScrollView and put all that you want to scroll inside of it :slight_smile:

Hi Mevi, this pull to refresh tutorial link is broken, I couldn’t find in the docs and Google. Can you update it for us? Thanks