Pull to reload option


I am looking for implementing Pull to Reload the page. Any idea on how should I start implementing this?


That feature is actually already available, though it could use some more customization parameters. I wrote a short tutorial; check out: https://docs.appgyver.com/tutorials/pull-to-refresh

Oh great. I have tested it and it is working perfectly … :heart_eyes:

@Harri_Sarsa It appears that refresh doesn’t work when the page has scroll disabled and is stretched to viewport height with most its content in a scroll view.

Is that right? (If it’s not a system-level thing, then I need to troubleshoot the page.)

@Erin_Wagner yep, the pull-to-refresh only works when the page can scroll, so disabling scroll makes it so that the event never fires :I

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Thanks for clarifying @Mevi!

Well, that’s a bummer! Many of my pages have disabled page scroll so that i might use Scroll View to scroll down large lists, Large lists have large amounts of data. There are times when the lists do not load correctly. The only solution is to re-start the app. Very unbecoming! Any work-around for this issue?

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