Pulling airtable records to local storage

Hello everyone, newbie here

I’m trying to build an app that pulls in stories from an airtable base on first launch and then stores them on the device for offline use.

I’ve been able to hook the app to airtable without a problem but I’m not sure how to store the records locally.

Might anyone have an idea how I could implement this?


@Harri_Sarsa and @Mevi might you be able to assist with this?


There’s two basic ways of doing this: either using set/get item to storage flow functions in which you have to remember yourself the schema of the items you have in the storage (advanced), or creating a client side storage type data resource into your app, configuring its schema and storing the items there with create/update/delete record flow functions (I would recommend this option).

Thanks @Mevi, I was able to figure it out and I managed to build a basic prototype that works offline

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hello, do you mind making a tutorial for novice like me. I would love to do something like this

Hi, can you share the steps you accomplished this? I find it very hard to get around local storage. Thanks in advance