Push notification in Android video

I followed below article to push notification. but it is failed:

Could anyone please share one step by step example/video about how to push notification from firebase to AppGyver app?

I wrote a little help some time ago about sending notifications from Firebase. Hope this helps.

I don’t think much has changed apart from use the get firebase device token flow funktion and of-cause I have now used the latest builds.


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Thank you a lot, Dan! In order to get the device token, shall I need to install the built AppGyver app into device?

a notification example set up in your app.

You will have to use the firebase get deice token to get it to work unlike the one in the picture. Also notification will not work in the SAPAppGyver app.


Thanks Dan! When I test with Android emulator, the device token is gotten in SAP AppGyver previous App. I built one android APK file from AppGyver project, but the AppGyver App is not able to open after install it. Do you know face such issue before and where I can find check its crash logs?