Push notification woking on android only?

Push notification working on android only but not working on Huawei and IOS. what possible cause of it? thank you.

Huawei runs on Android … ?

Yes, Huawei is an android. Android has versions jus like Ios, Ths can affect how you have to implement push notifications. Ths was the case back when l I used Android studio so I assume Ths can happen here to.

I would say the issue is not the difference between androids but the simple issue that Huawei system doesn’t have GMS (Google Mobile Services), but it uses the HMS (Huawei Mobile Services)…

Read more here for example:


@Mihaly_Toth thanks, um going to implement push notifications in my app later so I really want to know alot about it for now

someone done this HMS on appgyver ?