Push Notifications/firebase

I am trying to set push notifications for my app for android. I am using two tutorials:

But I can’t get it. I don’t what to put in HTTP request and I am stuck at this point. Is there anyone that can explain it to me step by step?

Im not really a pro at push notifications but I managed to get it working in my app. This is what should be in the curl request:


Your firebase server key can be found in the firebase console, and the device token can be found using the “get firebase token” flow function in appgyver. The device token can also work for android but will not work for ios, it will be a different token.

***This problem had me stuck when testing: The token you get from a device when using appgyver preview will be different than the one you get when using your built app from testflight on ios and google play on android. Using the token you get from using the preview app will result in an error, you must use the token from your built app.

Okay, I managed to find the server key, but where should I put this curl request? And what should be here in HTTP request?


I also have the same problem. I am working on an app which allows user to fill a form (utility bills last dates) and later send them push notification (reminders) based on the dates entered in the form. The cloud messaging service in Firebase can instantly send push notifications to the target (only registered android app, not iOS), but I do not find a way to send push notifications customised for each user data. Is there a comprhensive tutorial preferably a video tutorial regarding it?

It is very hard topic and no one make video tutorial about it. In my app I want push notifications when timer is near the end. For example App set a timer for 6 months and when there is a 1 month left a user gets a push notifications “your timer is near the end, do smth”.

I am so desperate that I can pay someone for help

This thread has the tutorial with how to do it through Appgyver. I set up my push notifications in my backend so I don’t think i’ll be of much more help. The tutorial goes in depth however

Have u done this with firebase?

Could you tell me where can I find this custom backend server, where I should put this code?

You can use any backend for it, but I use Xano as my backend, I simply import the general curl command which i got from appgyver and replace the firebase tokens with inputs so that each users device token can be inserted into the Curl. I am also a novice but I think it works as an external api request

For your use case I think you would need a “task” in Xano, which does a certain command indefinitely for example sending a push notification every minute to devices which need them. However I believe tasks are only available for paid plans.

Looking at your use case, I think you can send notifications through Appgyver, but it has to be triggered by something, I don’t know if it can “keep time” and trigger the notification based on it (when there is one month left) you may need to use a backend, if you aren’t already using it.

Okay, thank you. I will take a look of Xano,

Hi @Karol_Sadowski did you figure it out? If not ping me i will help you with FCM. Firebase cloud function i have not implement but can help you with sending notifications.

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Nah, I didnt figure it out, yet. I will, but unlikely today I will be working all day at hospital, so I will contact you during weekend. Thank you, that you want to help :slight_smile: , I am really glad.

Hello everyone

I m making a video on push notifications and wi upload in YouTube night 11pm IST time.

Please check out. Its easy and simple way to do it

Hello, I’ve watched it but u didn’t show everything that I would need to make it work. Can u make more detailed tutorial? For example what should be in HTTP request, where this CURL request should be copied and how to set firebase properly? It is very hard to understand for non-programmer :confused: .

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