Push Notifications - possible? will be?

Is there, or will there ever be, ability to trigger and process app notifications? The app I am currently working on does messaging between users and i would like it to somehow notify a user if they receive a message or not.

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We just published a WIP tutorial that currently covers Android to http://docs.appgyver.com/tutorials/push-notifications – plan is to get iOS instructions up this week too!


Thats what I needed. Thanks!

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Hi @Harri_Sarsa, is it also possible to utilise Push Notifications managed via BaaS services other than Firebase ?

For android push messages you need the Firebase cloud message api.

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We will be monitoring community demand though, and once we get the 3rd party plugin system going, any BaaS offering their own SDK can be utilized.

What is that [Post token to backend] flow function in the tutorial? Is that a pseudo-function?

Yeah it’s just a placeholder by me, doesn’t actually have any functionality. If your backend has a api for the device token just use that to post it.

@Harri_Sarsa do you happen to already have an ETA for that(3rd party plugin system) ?

The roadmap is to get the new runtime beta going ASAP (weeks, not months) and the very next thing after that on the client/runtime track is the plugin system – we’ll tell you when we know a date to commit to. (You can sign up for the beta at https://forms.gle/9cSFfTWcNfif7dZs8.)

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After following the push notification tutorial I can’t build the Android app. It is taking too much time and after it is ending with error
Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.