Push Notifications

The push notifications from firebase are working fine when the app is in the background. But when the app is closed, clicking on the push notifications give a critical error.

Could someone help me with this please?
@Mevi @Cecilia @Harri_Sarsa

these are the errors

What’s the client runtime version and Android device / OS version you’re using?

Android 10
client runtime 2.6.8

Sorry 2.8.31 is the client runtime

Is it something I am doing wrong or a bug at your end? This has come as a roadblock. Please help ! :sweat_smile:

Hey @PRAJWAL_SHARMA could you send your app ID? (platform.appgyver.com/builder/applications/<APP ID>/pages/1) I couldn’t reproduce this with just push notifications alone, so maybe there is something else that’s causing the crash. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Kristian_Gerkman my app id is 232669

Thanks for replying. Waiting for a couple days to get the attention of an appgyver team member :slight_smile:

Hey @PRAJWAL_SHARMA, found the cause of the issue! having WebView view component installed / on the canvas makes the app crash if you open the app from a notification - I don’t have any workaround for this just now, and I’ll continue investigations next week to see if it’s simple component update, or if it requires new runtime version. Thanks!

Hi @Kristian_Gerkman , I tried by removing the Web View Component. But the problem still persists.

:thinking: Alright, then there is also something else - I’ll get back to this on Monday!

Thank You Kristian. :slight_smile:

Any update on this @Kristian_Gerkman

Hi @Kristian_Gerkman
Could you figure something out? :slightly_smiling_face:

Was a solution found to this problem? … at this moment the same thing is happening to me…

It’s happening to me for both versions…