QR Code Generator

I am making a mobile application for check in and check out using QR codes. So is there anyway I can generate a QR code.
Thanks in advance.

I’m just beginning with AppGyver, so haven’t tested this (could be the blind leading the blind). However you should be able to generate a static QR code, or programmatically define the url with variables and get a unique QR code image returned from the free QRickit service: https://qrickit.com/qrickit_apps/qrickit_api.php

They also have some type of checkin QR code solution on their home page.

Hope it helps.

You could also try: http://barcodes4.me/

For this you just create an image with the source to this: http://barcodes4.me/barcode/qr/filename.png?value=QrCodeContent

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Yes, Thank you guys for the solutions. Cheers!