QR Code Generator

I am making a mobile application for check in and check out using QR codes. So is there anyway I can generate a QR code.
Thanks in advance.

I’m just beginning with AppGyver, so haven’t tested this (could be the blind leading the blind). However you should be able to generate a static QR code, or programmatically define the url with variables and get a unique QR code image returned from the free QRickit service: https://qrickit.com/qrickit_apps/qrickit_api.php

They also have some type of checkin QR code solution on their home page.

Hope it helps.

You could also try: http://barcodes4.me/

For this you just create an image with the source to this: http://barcodes4.me/barcode/qr/filename.png?value=QrCodeContent

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Yes, Thank you guys for the solutions. Cheers!

@Jay_Modi I made a video on how to use qrickit (great suggestion @Mark_Wilson!). This way you can see how to create the code. Im late replying here but thought this may help others.

This also shows how to store text and links, and use the qr code scanner in Appgyver as well.