QR-READ read raw data instead of text

Some one had any sucess readig non-ascii QR code data ?

I tried to read some non-text data qr code and it actually seems to be reading, but the output from the SCAN QR/BARCODE component is null

Probably because the component is trying to parse the binary data to text and it didnt work.

I tried to use the javascript component to checkout the value ou the scan component, and can confirm it is null…

Yes, the Output 1 is String type.

Output arguments

Number of outputs: 3

Label Key Type Description
QR barcode content codeContent String Text content of the scanned QR barcode

I know that. Probably thats that the problem…


Look, 2 different QR-CODES, both with almost the same sized bytes(15)…

The text one works fine(qr1), the other one (qr2) dont

Any one can help ? I found appgyver to be an incredible solution, but without this, i cant work with my ideia =(